Saoirse Ronan, Oscar Nominated Actor Once Declined To Play Yelena Belova In Marvel’s Black Widow

Saoirse Ronan Declined To Play Yelena Belova!

In a recent episode of Spotify’s The Young Movie Star Power Rankings, host Matt Donnelly was joined by Deadline senior reporter Justin Kroll to discuss the up-and-comers who are making waves (and those who are fading from the spotlight) after a particularly chaotic year in the industry.

Among the most surprising revelations was the news that Saoirse Ronan, the Oscar-nominated star of Brooklyn and Lady Bird, once declined to play Yelena Belova in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The role eventually went to Florence Pugh, who delivered a scene-stealing performance in Black Widow. Kroll didn’t elaborate on why Ronan turned down the role, but it’s safe to say that she’s in a position to be careful about her projects.

Another interesting topic of discussion was the rise of streaming stars. With the lines between movies and TV shows blurring more than ever, actors who once might have avoided the small screen are now finding major success on platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Kroll cited Anya Taylor-Joy, the breakout star of The Queen’s Gambit, as a prime example.

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for young actors. Kroll and Donnelly also talked about the challenges of staying relevant in an ever-chaning all the time, it’s easy ging industry. With so many new faces come out get lost in the shuffle. Just ask someone like Kellan Lutz, who was once a teen heartthrob thanks to his role in the Twilight saga, but has since struggled to maintain his star power.

So, what does it take to make it in Hollywood as a young actor? According to Kroll and Donnelly, it’s a combination of talent, luck, and the ability to choose the right roles. They also stressed the importance of having a good team behind you, including agents, managers, and publicists.

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