Comedian Sudhakar Faces Difficulty Walking, Celebrities Attend Son’s Wedding

Comedian Sudhakar Faces Difficulty Walking: Sudhakar, a well-known figure in Tollywood, started his acting journey in Tamil dramas. Later on, he moved to Telugu films, playing different roles like heroes, villains, and comedians. He was close pals with Megastar Chiranjeevi, and together they made audiences laugh in cinemas. Sudhakar also did stage shows besides movies. After taking a break, he recently appeared in interviews on YouTube. His son recently got married.

Comedian Sudhakar Faces Difficulty Walking
Comedian Sudhakar Faces Difficulty Walking, Celebrities Attend Son’s Wedding (Image Credit idreampost)

Sudhakar entertained people for almost thirty years in Telugu movies, playing various characters. Unfortunately, he had to stop acting due to health issues for about seventeen years. Before that, he acted alongside Pawan Kalyan. He’s well-connected in the industry, especially with Chiranjeevi. Sudhakar revealed that his son would also join the film world, with Megastar’s support.

Comedian Sudhakar Faces Difficulty Walking

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At his son’s wedding, Sudhakar, along with other Tollywood stars like Jagapathi Babu, Brahmanandam, Roja Ramani, and the Chandra Bose couple, celebrated the occasion. The wedding followed Christian customs and took place in the second week of February. Sadly, Sudhakar’s health wasn’t good, and he needed help to walk. He looked tired in the wedding photos and videos, almost unrecognizable. Fans are sad to see him like this, especially since he used to bring so much laughter to everyone.

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