Chad Stahelski To Direct a ‘Star Wars’ Movie

Chad Stahelski On Directing Star Wars Movie

In a recent interview with Chad Stahelski on Josh Horowitz’s YouTube channel, Stahelski expressed interest in directing a Star Wars film, sharing that he has ideas for his own take on the franchise.

“I’d take a swing at that, see if Disney could survive me.”

Chad Stahelski known for his masterful action choreography in the John Wick series, so we can expect epic lightsaber battles and light brutal fight sequences if he were to direct a Star Wars film.

A darker tone? Stahelski’s comments about “seeing if Disney could survive him” suggest he might envision a more mature and gritty take on the Star Wars universe, which could be refreshing for some fans.

Source: Josh Horowitz

While Stahelski hasn’t officially been approached by Disney, his public expression of interest could potentially grab their attention. Ultimately, it depends on whether his vision aligns with their plans for the future of Star Wars.

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