Prithviraj Sukumaran, Actor from Salaar, and his wife, Supriya Menon’s online banter wins the internet

Prithviraj Sukumaran, Actor from Salaar, and his wife: Prithviraj Sukumaran is in a key role in the much-anticipated movie Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire alongside Prabhas. He recently shared a short part of an interview with director Prashanth Neel, where Neel talked about the sacrifices he makes for cinema. Prithviraj was really touched by Neel’s words. His wife, Supriya Menon, responded playfully to his post, and filmmaker Midhun Manuel Thomas also joined in. Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire was released on December 22.

Prithviraj Sukumaran, Actor from Salaar, and his wife
Prithviraj Sukumaran, Actor from Salaar, and his wife (Image Credit indiatoday)

Actor, producer, and filmmaker Prithviraj Sukumaran is wrapping up 2023 on a positive note. He’s playing an important role in the much-anticipated release today, Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire, alongside Prabhas. Recently, Prithviraj shared a clip of an interview with the Salaar director, Prashanth Neel, expressing that something the director said really struck a chord with him.

Prithviraj Sukumaran, Actor from Salaar, and his wife

In the interview, Neel said, “I haven’t been the best father, son, husband, brother, or friend. I’ve given up a lot for cinema and what I want to achieve through it.” Sukumaran posted the video on Instagram with a caption that said, “I thought I was good with words, but I don’t know how to caption this. It just hit home. If you know what I mean!” He also tagged his wife and producer, Supriya Menon.

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Supriya Menon quickly responded, and her comment has become a hit online. She wrote, “Posting this won’t make things easy for you when you come back home in 2 days!” The online banter between Prithviraj and Supriya has caught the attention of many and resonated with internet users.

Filmmaker-screenwriter Midhun Manuel Thomas joined in, tagging Supriya Menon and saying, “I was about to show this to my wife, then I read your reply!”

Meanwhile, Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire has hit the big screens on December 22.

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