Tiger 3 worked its magic on Friday, and the earnings at the box office didn’t stop even on its 41st day

Tiger 3 worked its magic on Friday: In the exciting world of movies, Tiger 3 has become a box office sensation! Last Friday was a big day for the film, making a lot of money. It’s been 41 days since Salman Khan’s blockbuster Tiger 3 hit the screens, and it’s still going strong, bringing in lots of cash every day.

Tiger 3 worked its magic on Friday
Tiger 3 worked its magic on Friday (Image Credit patrika)

But that’s not all—get ready for Shahrukh Khan’s Dunky to create some buzz at the box office soon. Tiger 3 has not only covered its production costs but is now making a profit. Exciting, right? TheTopIndia.in, a source for all things cinema, has shared some early numbers. As Friday wrapped up, Tiger 3 is expected to have a fantastic financial performance.

Tiger 3 worked its magic on Friday

A Thrilling 41 Days for Tiger 3

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TheTopIndia.in spilled the beans on the early trade stats, revealing that Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 has been a financial powerhouse in its first 41 days. The movie is set to bring in a whopping Rs 20 lakh on Friday alone. Keep in mind, these numbers might change a bit as the night goes on, so stay tuned!

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