Madhavan’s comments viral: I Wanted to Marry that Heroine!

Madhavan’s comments viral: In the world of Kollywood, Madhavn, a well-known star, has not only shone in Tamil cinema but has also made a name in Telugu movies.

Madhavan's comments viral: I Wanted to Marry that Heroine!
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He didn’t just direct a film about Nambi Narayana’s life; he also played Narayana on screen. Recently, he stepped into the digital realm with a web series called The Railway Man.

Madhavan’s comments viral

As the web series gears up for release, Madhavan has been busy with promotional interviews, sharing interesting tidbits about the show. Notably, the talented Juhi Chawla is part of the series, adding a touch of mystery.

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But the comments he made about her are now going viral

In one interview, Madhavan shared some behind-the-scenes moments with Juhi Chawla during the filming of a crucial part of “The Railway Man.” Surprisingly, he revealed that after watching a movie she starred in back in 1988, Juhi felt a bit let down and even thought about marrying him then. Madhavan’s candid revelation, even shared with his mother, has sparked curiosity and speculation online.

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