Vichithra: The popular actor entered the room, but his behavior was rude, Balayya heroine sensational comments

Vichithra: Let’s talk about something important in the world of movies—something not so pleasant called the casting couch. Recently, many female artists from different industries have been sharing their tough experiences, bringing some hidden truths to light.

Vichithra: The popular actor entered the room, but his behavior was rude, Balayya heroine sensational comments
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In the midst of this, Vichitra, a seasoned actress and a participant in the seventh season of Bigg Boss Tamil, opened up about her experiences with the casting couch. Her words created quite a stir, making people across the country take notice.

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Starting her acting journey in 1991 in Tamil films, Vichitra later appeared in Kannada and Malayalam movies. Telugu audiences might remember her from ‘Pokiri Raja’ and ‘Bhalewadivi Basoo’ alongside Balayya.

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After taking a break from acting due to marriage, Vichitra made a comeback on the small screen with TV serials and then ventured into Bigg Boss Tamil, where she’s been impressing everyone with her performance.

In a recent episode, she shared a troubling incident she faced in the film industry regarding the casting couch. Though she didn’t name the star hero involved, her story sparked a national conversation.

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During her time on Bigg Boss, Vichitra recalled being invited to a room, which left her shocked. Despite feeling uneasy, she decided to stick to her own room. However, things took a turn for the worse the next day. Such incidents, she mentioned, were unusual on Tamil film sets.

She also talked about someone from the film bothering her at night, knocking on her door repeatedly. Thankfully, the hotel manager stepped in, secretly changing her room to give her some peace.

Vichitra then shared a troubling incident of misbehavior on set, reporting it to the action choreographer. Sadly, the response wasn’t supportive, and the stuntman’s physical reaction in front of everyone left her feeling alone. Despite seeking help from friends and filing a complaint, her career took a hit, leading her husband to suggest she stop acting.

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