Disney visited Mukesh Ambani’s house

Disney visited Mukesh Ambani’s house: Walt Disney, the big player, talked with some important folks to sell its business in India, facing some tough times in global trade. The latest news spills the beans that it’s likely going to be taken over by Reliance Industries, led by the sharp Mukesh Ambani.

Disney visited Mukesh Ambani's house
Disney visited Mukesh Ambani’s house (Image Credit goodreturns)

At the same time, Reliance Industries and Walt Disney are figuring out the details of a possible merger. Also, Reliance Industries is looking to mix its media and entertainment businesses into this corporate mix. More info about Disney visited Mukesh Ambani’s house.

Disney visited Mukesh Ambani’s house

If the merger happens, Reliance Industries could end up with a big chunk of Walt Disney India’s business. Talks are happening about creating a separate company under Reliance Viacom 18. They plan to pull off this merger by swapping shares and moving some extra money around to get enough shares for Reliance to take the lead.

During these talks, the idea is that Reliance would own 51 percent, while Disney would have 49 percent in the new combined company. There’s talk about investing between -1.5 billion after the merger, but nothing official has been said from either side.

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When Reliance Viacom 18 and Walt Disney join forces, it’s a powerful combo, boasting a whopping 115 TV channels (77 from Star India and 38 from Channel 18). They’re not just sticking to TV; they’ve got two streaming channels, Disney + Hotstar and Jio Cinema, bringing together over 200,000 hours of content.

Talking money, in the fiscal year 2023, Star India raked in Rs 19,857 crore, Viacom 18 brought in Rs 4,554 crore, and Novy Digital (Disney + Hotstar) pulled in Rs 4,341 crore.

Adding a twist to the corporate dance, Bodhi Tree is set to keep a 15.97 percent stake in Viacom 18 after the Reliance move, snagging a key seat at the management table of this freshly joined entity.

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