Anime NYC Move to August for 2024

Anime NYC Move to August for 2024: Anime NYC, the second biggest anime convention in the U.S., is making a big change—it’s moving to a different time of the year. Usually held in November, it’s now happening on August 23-25, 2024.

Anime NYC Move to August for 2024
Anime NYC 2024 new dates (Image via Anime NYC)

This news came just a few days before this year’s event at the Javits Center. And guess what? Tickets for the 2024 event go on sale in just two weeks, starting in December.

Anime NYC Move to August for 2024

Why the change? Well, they’ve been packed in November for a while, and next year, they get the whole Javits Center to themselves. I always hoped for this, never realizing it was a timing thing.

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Seems like they’ve been planning this move for a while, so it might stick.

But what’s the deal with the switch from November to August? Let’s check out the main things they shared:

  • More space: They’re taking over the whole convention center.
  • More tickets: Especially for weekends.
  • More panels.
  • More features: Like expanding gaming, food, cosplay, music, and traditional culture.
  • More fan features: Content made specifically for fans.

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    Fans are actually divided on this news, and from my standpoint, there are both pros and cons to this decision.

    On the downside, moving to summer means competing with other big events like Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con in July, and Otakon in early August. Choices, choices! And what about the guest list?

    August in New York City isn’t the most pleasant. It’s sticky and humid. Plus, the Javits Center is mostly glass, making it hot inside.

    Crowd size is a bit worrisome. I hope they keep it reasonable, even with the whole Javits Center available. Too many people can spoil the fun.

    But using the whole Javits? That’s a win! Empty halls can be filled with gaming or autographing, freeing up space for exhibitors. They change panel rooms every year, adding a fresh vibe.

    I’m torn on this move. Excited about more space, but not a fan of the August timing. Summer’s already busy, and I liked having something to look forward to later in the year.

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