Instagram’s latest feature for extended story sharing!

Instagram’s latest feature: Instagram is gearing up to introduce a cool new feature called “My Week” that’s all about making your story-sharing experience better.

Instagram's latest feature for extended story sharing!
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Instead of your stories vanishing after a day, this feature lets you keep them around for a whole week. Whether you’re sharing an important event, your travel adventures, or just keeping your followers engaged, “My Week” is the tool you need to keep your stories alive longer.

Instagram’s latest feature

But that’s not all – Instagram is giving you more control over your stories. With “My Week,” you can remove any story whenever you want. Change your mind or feel like a story isn’t relevant anymore? Just take it out of your week-long collection.

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And here’s the exciting part – you can also add stories exclusively to “My Week.” This means you can share a story without it showing up in your regular story feed. It’s a great way to create a special collection of stories just for your most dedicated followers.

Even though “My Week” isn’t available to everyone just yet, Instagram is known for trying out new features before releasing them to everyone. While we’re waiting for it to become public, keep in mind that the timing might vary. But as soon as Instagram rolls out this feature, we’ll keep you in the loop. Stay tuned for more updates!

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