Why Shreyas Talpade’s heart stopped for 10 minutes, What did the actor say?

Why Shreyas Talpade’s heart stopped for 10 minutes: In the vibrant world of Hindi and Marathi cinema, Shreyas Talpade shines as a well-known actor. After a tiring day of shooting, he felt exhausted when he got home. The 47-year-old actor took some time off at a reputable hospital in Mumbai.

Why Shreyas Talpade's heart stopped for 10 minutes
Why Shreyas Talpade’s heart stopped for 10 minutes (Image Credit filmibeat)

Shreyas Talpade, busy filming the star-studded movie Welcome to the Jungle, felt quite tired after wrapping up the shoot. It’s said that he had to make a sudden trip to the hospital.

Why Shreyas Talpade’s heart stopped for 10 minutes

Now, Shreyas Talpade is back home, recovering from his recent health scare. In a recent interview, he shared, “My heart stopped beating for 10 minutes. It’s pretty incredible how the doctors brought me back,” says Shreyas Talpade.

After experiencing a heart attack, Shreyas Talpade talked about the incident with the Times of India. He mentioned being clinically dead during the heart attack, where his heart stopped for 10 minutes.

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Even though Shreyas had never been to the hospital before, he revealed a family history of heart-related issues. “I had a massive heart attack, and I consider this my second chance at life,” states Shreyas Talpade.

Why Shreyas Talpade’s heart stopped for 10 minutes (Image Credit filmibeat)

Explaining the events leading to his hospitalization on December 14, Shreyas shared, “After shooting, I had trouble breathing and pain in my left arm. I thought it might be a muscle spasm. We were doing an action scene at the time,” he recalled.

“Sitting in the car, I felt I should go to the hospital directly, but I decided to go home first. My wife, Deepti, saw my condition and rushed to the hospital within ten minutes. We could see the hospital gate, but I had to make a U-turn. Suddenly, I felt weak, and I passed out,” Shreyas Talpade added.

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