Is Ryan Gosling Gonna Sing ‘I’m Just Ken’ At The Oscars? Check Out What He Actually Said

Ryan Gosling’s I’m Just Ken At The Oscars!

In an interview with W Magazine, Interviewer playfully asked Ryan Gosling whether he’d perform his iconic “I’m Just Ken” from Greta Gerwig’s Barbie at the 2024 Oscars.

Ryan said:

“Do you get paid for that? What do you get paid to sing at the Oscars? They pick you up at least… right?”

By deflecting the question with jokes about getting paid and perks like car pick-ups, he avoids giving a definitive answer while obviously leaving the audience entertained.

Watch the full interview with ‘W Magazine’ Below:

Source: W Magazine

Why Ryan Gosling’s I’m Just Ken Is So Famous?

With over 15 million views on social media, Ryan Gosling’s ‘I’m Just Ken’ has clearly struck a chord with many viewers. The song, and the film ‘Barbie’ it’s from, explores themes of self-acceptance, gender roles, and finding your own voice, topics that resonate with a wide audience in today’s cultural climate. Additionally, Gosling’s iconic internet persona and the abundance of memes surrounding his diverse characters likely contribute to the song’s popularity, as fans connect with both the catchy tune and the larger ‘Ken’ persona.”

I’m Just Ken From Barbie!

Source: Atlantic Records
Source: Atlantic Records

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