Why Prabhas Skipped Voting? Why can’t they be seen?

Why Prabhas Skipped Voting?: In the lively city of Hyderabad, our beloved Pan India star, Prabhas, is currently staying. But wait, he was missing in action when all the big names of Tollywood were casting their votes. Wondering why? Let’s dive into the details.

Why Prabhas Skipped Voting? Why can't they be seen?
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The recent Telangana Assembly elections went smoothly, with people all across the state fulfilling their duty to vote. Even our Tollywood celebrities were not left behind, making a buzz with their voting pictures and videos. Stars like Megastar Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu, Namrata, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Ravi Teja, NTR, Kalyan Ram, Rana Daggubati, and Nani showed up at the polling centers in Jubilee Hills and nearby areas.

Why Prabhas Skipped Voting?

But here’s the twist—our dear Prabhas was nowhere to be found. Fans were a bit sad as they were hoping to see him exercise his voting right, especially since he’s not often seen at events. While many celebrities took a break from their busy schedules to vote, questions popped up about why Prabhas and some others didn’t join in. More info about Why Prabhas Skipped Voting? Why can’t they be seen?.

Now, switching gears to the exciting stuff. Prabhas, our rebellious star, is all set to unveil his next project, ‘Salar,’ with the trailer dropping on December 1. However, due to Prabhas’s recent knee surgery and his overseas stay, the grand event will take place on a simple YouTube platform. It seems Prabhas is still in chill mode after returning to India this month. Reports also mention that Manchu Mohan Babu and Manchu Vishnu had to skip voting due to their shooting commitments abroad.

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On another note, while many big names in Tollywood and even regular folks exercised their right to vote, some young stars like Akhil Akkineni, Varun Tej, Allari Naresh, Sharwanand, and Vishwak Sen were missing from the polling scene. This got people wondering if they chose not to vote or if there’s some other reason. Many believe it would be great if these young stars also joined in the voting spree. After all, every vote counts!

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