Tiger 3 Day 2 box office collection

Tiger 3 Day 2 box office collection: the second-day box office numbers for Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s spy thriller, Tiger 3. The movie, spiced up with cameos from Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan, kicked off with a bang.

Tiger 3 Day 2 box office collection
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Salman Khan’s Diwali treat, Tiger 3, had an impressive start, pulling in ₹44 crore on its first Sunday. Now, early estimates suggest that Tiger 3 has raked in about ₹54.67 Cr in India on its second day, covering all languages. This puts it as the second-highest collection for the second day in Hindi cinema, making the total ₹98 crores after just two days.

Tiger 3 Day 2 box office collection

If these estimates hold true, Tiger 3 could outdo Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan in second-day earnings at the Indian box office. Jawan had brought in ₹53 crores on its second day. On a related note, Shah Rukh Khan, with Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in Pathaan, made around ₹70 crores in Hindi on day 2, which was Republic Day.

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In the story department, Tiger 3 sees Katrina Kaif reprising her role as Zoya, and Emraan Hashmi joining as the main bad guy. Hrithik Roshan from War and Shah Rukh Khan from Pathaan make brief appearances, tying the film into the YRF Spy Universe with titles like War and Pathaan.

Now, in an unexpected twist, ardent Salman Khan fans caused a stir at a Malegaon theater by setting off fireworks during a Tiger 3 screening. This sent others in the audience scrambling for safety. Salman took to his X (formerly Twitter) account to address the incident on Monday, saying, “I’m hearing about fireworks inside theaters during Tiger 3. This is dangerous. Let’s enjoy the film without putting ourselves and others at risk. Stay safe.”

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A snippet from the Hindustan Times review said, “While the story and overall plot of Tiger 3 are complex, with surprises around every corner, the pacing is a bit uneven. Especially, the first half doesn’t have those moments that leave you in awe.”

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