Taylor Swift Extends Compassionate Support to Ana Benevides’ Family 2023

Taylor Swift has reportedly contacted the family of the 23-year-old fan who passed away during her concert in Rio De Janeiro last week.

Taylor Swift Extends Compassionate Support to Ana Benevides' Family
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Pop sensation Taylor Swift has reportedly been in contact with the family of Ana Clara Benevides, the 23-year-old fan who tragically passed away during her concert in Rio De Janeiro last week. According to The Sun, a source revealed that Taylor has been providing ongoing support to Ana’s family during this difficult time.

Taylor Swift reaches out to fan’s family

The Sun quoted a source saying, “There’s a lot on Twitter claiming she and her team have ignored the tragedy, but that’s far from true. Taylor’s close circle has reached out privately to extend their support in any possible way. The entire team is deeply affected by the tragedy. If she speaks out publicly, she might be seen as exploiting the situation. But if she stays silent, people may accuse her of being insensitive.

Travis Kelce consoles Taylor

Taylor’s boyfriend, footballer Travis Kelce, is reportedly providing comfort and support to the popstar during this time. The Sun quoted a source saying, “Her team has been there for her like family, but Travis has truly been her pillar of strength.”

About Ana Clara Benevides

Taylor Swift postponed a concert from her Eras Tour in Rio de Janeiro following the tragic death of a 23-year-old fan during her show on November 17. In an Instagram post, the singer explained that extreme temperatures prompted the decision, emphasizing the safety of her fans, crew, and performers.

Concerns arose as concert attendees weren’t allowed to bring water into the stadium despite the soaring temperatures caused by a severe heat wave affecting Brazil. Rio de Janeiro faced health alerts, vendors were asked to vacate the streets, and there were reports of power outages due to the increased energy demand.

Expressing a “shattered heart” in a handwritten note shared on social media, Swift addressed the tragic loss. Ana Clara Benevides, the deceased fan, made her first-ever flight from Brazil’s center-west region to Rio specifically to see her favorite artist. She kept her family updated through a WhatsApp group, sharing photos and videos along the way, as reported by family members to news site G1.

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