Swifties throw a big party called Swiftmas to celebrate Taylor Swift’s birthday!

Swifties throw a big party called Swiftmas: Let’s dive into the festive spirit of Swiftmas on December 13th, Taylor Swift’s birthday, where the celebration goes beyond just Swiftmas trees.

Swifties throw a big party called Swiftmas (Image Credit JONATHAN WIGGS/GLOBE STAFF)

Picture this: Samantha Baron, an optician from Framingham, eagerly awaiting her 4-foot tall, sparkly white Swiftmas tree adorned with homemade ornaments representing Taylor Swift’s various eras. Swiftmas cards are already on their way.

Swifties throw a big party called Swiftmas

As Swiftmas Day approaches (also known as December 13th, Taylor Swift’s birthday), Baron plans to bake Swift’s favorite chai sugar cookies, exchange Swiftmas gifts, and hold on a second—Swiftmas?

Yes, Swiftmas is like a cheerful version of Festivus, a celebration with the Costanza family that’s all about sharing, without the family drama. Think of it as a mix of your birthday, Halloween, and maybe a bit of Disney magic, all rolled into one.

In other words, the holiday the world was waiting for, even if we didn’t know it.

For Swifties and those watching from the sidelines, every day feels like a bit of Swiftmas. Swift’s music is the soundtrack to their lives, and fellow Swifties are like lifelong friends, trading friendship bracelets and decoding Swift’s every word.

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“My life is Taylor coded,” says Baron, capturing the sentiment of many fans.

But the real Swiftmas goes beyond these daily rituals. Fan groups organize card and gift exchanges, with advent calendars counting down the 13 days from December 1st and Elf on a Shelf Swift-themed adventures becoming the norm.

Surprisingly, Swiftmas wasn’t always a thing. It started as a term for a 2014 event where Swift surprised 32 lucky fans with amazing holiday gifts. Swift trademarked the term, and now, even a private school in Braintree is considering dedicating a whole day to Swiftmas (more details coming soon).

It’s worth noting that many fans have always seen Taylor Swift’s birthday as a special day. But in 2023, given Swift’s incredible achievements—being named Time’s Person of the Year, her record-breaking concert tour making over billion, and even boosting NFL game ratings—fans feel it’s time for an even bigger celebration.

Jessica Weaver, an electrical engineer and Swift trivia host, shares how her engineering friends went from asking ‘Who is Taylor Swift?’ to being more updated on her news than she is.

Some hardcore fans may not be aware that Swiftmas is officially recognized. But for those in the know, the excitement and passion run deep.

Swiftmas holds a special place for Adelia Nocera, who found comfort in Swift’s music during tough times: “She made me feel like I could be a better person.”

Swifties throw a big party called Swiftmas (Image Credit JONATHAN WIGGS/GLOBE STAFF)

This year marks Nocera’s second Swiftmas, with plans for a virtual gathering of 26 Swifties from across the country on December 13th. They’ll be decked out in Swift merch, participating in a Swift-themed Secret Santa gift exchange, bringing joy and anticipation.

In Braintree, Elements Academy, a private school focusing on child-led learning, declares Wednesday as Swiftmas day. Inspired by Farrin Elliott, a student ranking their fandom at “15 on a scale of one to ten,” the school plans activities like watching the Eras tour movie, making friendship bracelets, singing Swift songs, and playing Swiftie bingo.

Heather DiNino, the school’s founder, emphasizes, “Swiftmas can be life-changing for kids.”

As local Swifties gear up for December 13th, there’s also a hopeful buzz for a second day of Swiftmas. If rumors are true, it might happen on Sunday at Gillette Stadium when the Patriots play Swift’s boyfriend’s team. Fingers crossed that her presence will grace the occasion, fulfilling everyone’s wishes.

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