Gogoro Crossover released with three variants, check details

Gogoro Crossover released with three variants: After making a splash with the River Indie, Gogoro, the tech-savvy folks from Taiwan, are now rolling out their new electric scooter, the Gogoro Crossover. It’s not just any scooter—it’s got a tough and purposeful look with a splash of color.

Gogoro Crossover released with three variants, check details
Gogoro Crossover released with three variants (Image Credit carandbike)

Gogoro is known for its smart battery tech, and they’ve been making waves in the electric vehicle scene in Taiwan and beyond. Now, they’re stepping into the Indian market, saying hello with the Gogoro Crossover electric scooter. They’re starting with business customers first. This snazzy scooter is the newest addition to Gogoro’s lineup worldwide. More info about Gogoro Crossover released with three variants, check details.

Gogoro Crossover released with three variants

India loves its two-wheeled rides, especially the ones with an engine growl. But there’s a buzz around electric vehicles too. That’s where Gogoro wants to shine, joining the ranks of Ola, Ather, TVS, Bajaj, Ampere, Okinawa, Hero Electric, and more.

The Gogoro Crossover comes in three types: GX250, 50, and S. GX250 has a 2.5 kW motor, hitting speeds over 60 km/h with a range of 111 km. The 50 boasts a 5.0 kW motor, while the S offers either 6.4 kW or 7.2 kW options. Gogoro’s network is already up and running in Delhi and Goa, and they plan to stretch their legs to Mumbai and Pune by early 2024. More info about Gogoro Crossover released with three variants, check details.

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Gogoro Crossover released with three variants (Image Credit vehicleinfo)

Hold on, though. The first set of Gogoro Crossovers is VIP, reserved just for business pals. The rest of us can hop on in the second quarter of 2024. Unveiled worldwide in October 2023, this scooter is like a multitasker. It can be your city slicker and your tough work buddy—all in one.

The Crossover rocks a sturdy steel frame, and it’s got the longest wheelbase Gogoro has ever made—1400 mm! That’s a lot of scooter. It stands tall with 176 mm of ground clearance and weighs in at 126 kg, batteries included. Design-wise, there’s a cool headlight jutting out at the front, doubling as a spot for an optional luggage rack.

Flip the script to the back, and you’ll find another spot for luggage or gear with an optional rack. Need more room? Fold up the rear seat, and voila! You’ve got a comfy backrest and a flat space for more stuff. Still not enough? There’s a roomy floorboard just waiting for your things.

You can throw on some extras like panniers and top boxes. Underneath, it’s got all the good stuff—front forks, rear shock absorbers, 12-inch wheels, front and rear disc brakes, and a mid-mounted motor. Now, here’s the cool part: it’s got two removable batteries, each weighing 10 kg. Quick swaps mean less waiting and more riding. And even with these batteries on board, there’s room under the seat for your bits and bobs. Plus, it’s got a slick digital display, LED lights all around, and Bluetooth to hook up with your phone.

Right now, Gogoro is putting serious money—$1.5 billion (that’s around Rs. 12,300 Crore)—into Maharashtra. They’ve set up shop in Aurangabad and teamed up with HPCL (that’s Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited) for battery-swapping stations. Pricing for the business version of the Gogoro Crossover GX250 is still under wraps, waiting on specific needs.

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