Sweet Home 2 Release Date, Casting, Where to Watch

The Sweet Home 2, The Famous apocalyptic horror thriller web series, The Second Season will blow your mind, Sweet Home 2 Release Date December 1st, 2023.

Sweet Home 2 Release Date, Casting, Where to Watch
Sweet Home 2 Release Date, Image Google

Sweet Home Season 2: Song Kang, Go Min Si, and Park Gyu These Young’s staeeere is going to hit the OTT platform. The south korean zombie apocalyptic horror thriller has hold its position tightly as one of the most famous Netflix K-Drama series todate. The first season success the show is going for its sequels, here’s every detail you need to know. Sweet home was renewed for the 2nd and 3rd seasons last year by the OTT giant

Netflix Series Sweet Home 2 release date

Sweet home was released on Netflix in year 2020, and it taken from the most popular webtoon of the same name, Netflix is going to debut its second season Sweet Home 2 on December 1st, 2023

Sweet Home Season 2 plot

Sweet Home was Shoot back in winter last year, in first season revolve around the high school student the Cha Hyun Su roled played by Song Kang

The first season showcased Green Home Residents, including Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Go Min Si, and Park Gyu Young, battling against neighbors who transformed into monsters overnight. In contrast, the upcoming second season will broaden its scope beyond the initial setting and diverge from the original webtoon. Taking place in a more perilous environment, Sweet Home Season 2 will introduce a completely new set of characters and creatures.

Sweet Home season 2 cast

Apart from some of the old casting members like as Song Kang Lee Si Young, Lee Jin Wook, Go Min Si, and Park Gyu Young, we will see new faces in the new season.

Sweet Home 2 announcement poster and teaser

Korean Netflix is going deep of the horror genre, Netflix Korea recently released a teaser Sweet Home 2, the characters are in a tough fight against turning into monsters and getting attacked by groups of these creatures. Check out the cool poster they just released!

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