What kind of gift would you like from Umesh for Padwa?

Gift would you like from Umesh for Padwa?: Priya Bapat- Umesh Kamat Diwali Padawa, Umesh Kamat and Priya Bapat shared their Padawa fun in a recent interview.

What kind of gift would you like from Umesh for Padwa?

Priya, in a recent chat, shared something quite different. She mentioned, “I don’t really expect fancy gifts from my husband on Padwa. That’s not my thing. What matters more is just feeling special on that day. It could be a simple hug or holding hands while taking a walk—small things like that mean a lot to me. I’m not really into big gifts.”

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Speaking in a more casual way, Priya continued, “Whether it’s Diwali or any day, I’m not really into getting lots of gifts. I’m happy with simple stuff, like sharing snacks or doing things we both enjoy. That’s what makes me happy.”

gift would you like from Umesh for Padwa?

Priya also shared her take on festivals, saying, “During festivals like Ganapati, I put my heart into following traditions. But for Padwa, I believe keeping things simple is the way to go. No need for big gestures, just the basics.”

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