Rocky Bhai has a new movie announce

Rocky Bhai has a new movie announce: After the big hit of KGF-2, our favorite Rocky Bhai, Yash, took a break before revealing his new movie, Toxic.

Rocky Bhai has a new movie announce
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Wondering what genre to go for after the success of KGF, Yash decided to return to action. In a sneak peek video, he’s all action-packed, smoking a cigar, and holding a gun.

Rocky Bhai has a new movie announce

Director Geethu Mohan Das spilled the beans, calling it an action movie with a fresh twist—a mix of two different worlds. And guess what? He’s also the one crafting the story.

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“Toxic” is coming our way, thanks to KVN Productions and Monster Minds Creations. Circle April 10, 2025, on your calendar because that’s when it hits theaters after a whole year of filming. Curious about the cast and crew? Hold tight till New Year’s Day for all the juicy details.

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