Raastha, First Malayalam movie filmed in Oman, Now showing in theaters!

Raastha, First Malayalam movie filmed in Oman: In Aneesh Anwar’s movie, the trailer hinted at a story about surviving in the desert with lots of suspense.

Raastha, First Malayalam movie filmed in Oman
Raastha, First Malayalam movie filmed in Oman (Image Credit news18)

Today, the Malayalam film Raashta with Sarjano Khalid and Anagha Narayanan from Thinkalazhcha Nishchayam was released in theaters. Aneesh Anwar, the director, teased us with a survival drama in the trailer, showing exciting desert scenes. The story is about Shahana’s search for her missing mother for 22 years. She goes to Oman with Faizal, facing challenges and getting lost in the desert. Meanwhile, the cops start looking for them.

Raastha, First Malayalam movie filmed in Oman

Aneesh Anwar shared that the story is inspired by a real-life event in Oman’s Rub’ al Khali desert. Critics loved the bold filming in the desert and how Malayali artists worked with local Oman residents. The main theme is a young person looking for her mother in the Gulf, promising an engaging story. Raastha, the first Malayalam film shot in Oman, is expected to do well, praised for its music, teaser, and trailer, along with great performances and technical brilliance.

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The script and story for Raastha were written by Shahul Erattupetta and Fayiz Madakkara. Aftar Anwar edited it, and Vishnu Narayanan was the cinematographer. Avin Mohan Sithara composed the music, and Linu Sreenivas produced it under Alu Entertainment.

Aneesh Anwar’s other works include Mullamottum Munthiricharum, Kumbasaram, and My Great Grandfather. In 2013, Zachariayude Garbhinikal, starring Lal and Rima Kallingal, won awards, including Best Story and Special Jury, at the Kerala State Film Awards. Anwar has also made over 200 commercials for networks like Asianet and Mathrubhumi.

Sarjano Khalid, known for roles in Marivillin Gopurangal and Demonte Colony 2, was last seen with Priya Prakash Varrier in the Malayalam film 4 Years, directed by Ranjith Sankar.

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