Netflix’s The Crown Gets Criticized for Diana’s Ghost – What Critics Are Saying!

Netflix’s The Crown: The first four episodes of Netflix’s final season of The Crown didn’t get a thumbs up from most critics.

Netflix's The Crown Gets Criticized for Diana's Ghost – What Critics Are Saying!
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This season, covering the late 1990s, dives into Princess Diana’s story with Dodi Fayed and her tragic end. There’s also a touch of the supernatural, with a ghostly Diana appearing to Prince Charles and the Queen.

Netflix’s The Crown

One critic, Lucy Mangan from The Guardian, gives it a harsh one-star review, calling it “bad writing” and saying it’s stuck in recent memories, making it hard for viewers to connect.

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Anita Singh of The Telegraph agrees, saying the show hits a dead end, especially with the bizarre ghost of Princess Diana. She thinks using Diana’s ghost for comfort and PR advice feels desperate.

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Despite some praise for individual performances, like Elizabeth Debicki as Diana, there’s criticism too. The Financial Times gives it three stars, noting shortcuts that simplify the royals’ shock and grief.

There’s also talk about historical inaccuracies. Some say the show takes liberties with the truth, like inventing Mohamed Al-Fayed’s role in Diana and Dodi’s romance.

In December, the second half of the season will cover events like the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and Prince Charles and Camilla’s wedding. New actors will take on roles like Princes William and Harry, played by Ed McVey and Luther Ford, and Kate Middleton, played by Meg Bellamy.

So, mixed reviews for now. Some like the performances, while others feel the show is taking liberties with the facts. The next episodes might bring a different tune.

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