David Beckham rocked a casually navy blue look at Sonam Kapoor’s party!

David Beckham rocked a casually navy blue: In the world of football and cricket, David Beckham’s fashion game stayed strong during his visit to Mumbai for the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup.

David Beckham rocked a casually navy blue look at Sonam Kapoor's party!
image instagrammed by (L) davidbeckham

When we talk about sports stars with great style, David Beckham is always at the top of the list. He’s known for bringing a fresh touch to fashion. After watching the India vs. New Zealand Cricket World Cup Semi-Final, he attended a party hosted by Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja. And, of course, it was a stylish affair.

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image instagrammed by (L) davidbeckham

David Beckham rocked a casually navy blue

Dressed in a stunning black and white outfit, David looked effortlessly cool. He chose deep blue tones to make a statement, wearing a blue collared t-shirt with well-tailored trousers. With his charm and stylish vibe, he once again set the bar high.

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Recently, David Beckham was in Mumbai to watch the India vs. New Zealand semi-final, and, of course, he added a touch of high-end fashion. He went for a chic white t-shirt paired with a deep blue blazer and matching pants. The subtle stripes on his outfit added a nice touch.

You can always trust David Beckham to redefine casual fashion with a pro’s touch.

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