Milly Alcock, Emilia Jones, and Meg Donnelly To Play Supergirl In DCU’s Woman Of Tomorrow

Milly Alcock, Emilia Jones, and Meg Donnelly To Play Supergirl

Milly Alcock, Emilia Jones, and Meg Donnelly To Play Supergirl!

Sasha Calle’s future as Supergirl in James Gunn’s DCU appears uncertain as (per Deadline) three other actresses – Milly Alcock, Emilia Jones, and Meg Donnelly – have reportedly been approached for the role.

All actress are less than 25!

Milly Alcock 

Milly Alcock best known for her breakout role as the young Rhaenyra Targaryen in HBO’s “House of the Dragon.” Alcock also brings a regal intensity and captivating screen presence that could be a powerhouse Supergirl. Her ability to command both vulnerability and ferocity makes her a strong contender for portraying the complex journey of an alien refugee finding her place on Earth.

Milly AlcockΒ 
Milly Alcock, Credit: The Wrap

Emilia Jones

Emilia Jones, Star of the Oscar-winning “CODA.” Jones shines with a heartwarming authenticity that could make her a relatable and grounded Supergirl. Her ability to express emotions with nuance and depth would be perfect for navigating the challenges of balancing superpowers with everyday life.

Emilia Jones
Emilia Jones, Credit: IndiaWire

Meg Donnelly

Meg Donnelly, A Disney Channel veteran who has transitioned to more mature roles,  including starring in the CW’s “The Winchesters.” She’s known for her action-packed performances and her infectious energy, which could be a good fit for the heroic Supergirl.

Meg Donnelly
Meg Donnelly, Credit:

Each actress brings a unique set of strengths and interpretations to the role, making the casting decision a thrillingly close call. Alcock’s regal gravitas, Jones’ relatable charm, and Donnelly’s action-ready energy all have the potential to create an iconic Supergirl for the DCU.

What Awaits the DCU’s Supergirl?

While the casting is undoubtedly crucial, the real excitement lies in what kind of Supergirl story the DCU will tell. Will it be a classic coming-of-age tale as Kara adjusts to Earth and embraces her powers? Or it’s good with Sasha Calle Or will it delve into the political and social themes often intertwined with the character’s mythology?

The possibilities are endless, and fans are already buzzing with speculation. Some hope for a lighthearted and optimistic take, while others yearn for a more grounded and character-driven exploration of Supergirl’s internal struggles.

One thing is certain: the arrival of Supergirl marks a significant turning point for the DCU. Her presence opens the door for more diverse and powerful female characters, and her legacy as a symbol of hope and justice has the potential to resonate with audiences worldwide.

So, who will wear the cape? Only time will tell.

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