Busy Schedule Forces Pedro Pascal to Drop “Weapons” Role, Marvel’s “Fantastic Four” Adjusts Filming Dates

Busy Schedule Forces Pedro Pascal to Drop "Weapons" Role,
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Pedro Pascal Drops “Weapons” Pick Fantastic Four!

There are several rumors about Pedro Pascal playing Mr. Fantastic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming film Fantastic Four, which is currently scheduled to start filming in Q3 2024. Meanwhile, Pascal has had to step down from Zach Cregger’s Weapons due to his busy schedule, according to multiple sources.

Here’s What Happened!

The initial assumption, upon hearing of Pascal’s “Weapons” exit, was a scheduling conflict with the April shoot date of “Fantastic Four.” But with news of HBO’s “The Last of Us” Season 2 demanding his attention in February, a clearer picture emerges. Trapped between established commitments and an enticing new project, Pascal, like a superhero caught in a time warp, simply couldn’t find a free window to fit “Weapons” into his packed schedule.

This domino effect extends beyond individual casting changes. The “Fantastic Four” delay, from April to Q3 2024, hints at a larger Marvel shuffle. Phase Six, shrouded in secrecy, appears to be undergoing adjustments. Perhaps director Matt Shakman needs more time to hone the family dynamic on screen, or maybe casting decisions haven’t yet crystallized. Whatever the reason, the shift throws a wrench into the carefully orchestrated MCU timeline, leaving fans eagerly awaiting answers.

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But amidst the reshuffle, one thing shines bright: Pedro Pascal’s dedication to his existing projects. Even a potentially lucrative venture like “Weapons” couldn’t tempt him to compromise his commitments to “The Last of Us” and, possibly, “Fantastic Four.” This speaks volumes about his professionalism and loyalty, traits that have propelled him to Hollywood’s A-list.

Now, the “Weapons” team faces the challenge of finding a new lead who can fill Pascal’s shoes – no easy feat considering his charisma and comedic timing. While the project’s future remains uncertain, the unexpected twist adds an intriguing layer to the story.

Fantastic Four (Comics), Credit: Digital Spy

So, while Pedro Pascal navigates the turbulent skies of his demanding schedule, one thing is certain: stay tuned. From “Weapons” finding a new lead to the reshuffled Marvel timeline, the plot thickens. Pascal’s packed punch has ignited a chain reaction, and the entertainment world waits with bated breath to see how it all unfolds.

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