Gauri Khan, Shahrukh Khan’s wife, might be in some trouble! ED sent a notice

Gauri Khan, Shahrukh Khan’s wife: Gauri Khan is facing some legal trouble. A person filed a case against her a few months ago, and it’s about some fraud linked to a real estate company called Tulsiani Construction and Developers Limited.

Gauri Khan, Shahrukh Khan's wife, might be in some trouble! ED sent a notice
Gauri Khan, Shahrukh Khan’s wife (image: instagram)

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is getting ready to take action against Gauri Khan, the wife of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. It’s all about property matters. A few months back, a person named Kirit Jaswant from Mumbai filed a fraud case against Gauri Khan in Lucknow. Now, ED might send Gauri Khan a notice to ask her some questions. By the way, Gauri Khan is the brand ambassador of Tulsiani Group, a real estate company. This company is accused of taking Rs 30 crore from investors and banks in a not-so-honest way.

Gauri Khan, Shahrukh Khan’s wife

According to reliable sources, the Enforcement Directorate is on the brink of sending an official notice to Gauri Khan. They want to look into the agreements between Gauri Khan and the company and figure out how much money she got as the brand ambassador.

This whole legal mess started in March 2023 when the person filing the complaint not only accused Gauri Khan but also the Chief Managing Director (CMD) and Director of Tulsiani Construction and Developers Limited. People were puzzled because Gauri, being the brand ambassador, had a legal case against her.

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The person who filed the complaint explained that he bought a house from the real estate company because of Gauri Khan’s promotions. He paid Rs 85 lakh in 2015, but he still hasn’t got possession of the promised house. Now, he’s stuck in a long struggle to get what he paid for.

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