‘WATSON’ Is In The Works With Morris Chestnut as Dr. Watson

Dr. Watson Series Is In The Works

More Sherlock Holmes content is yet to come for fans of the famous detective, because his most loyal and confidant, Dr. John H. Watson, who narrates the majority of the stories, is now getting his own show.

As per report by ‘Discussing Film’ Lucifer Actor Morris Chestnut is set to play Dr. Watson in the upcoming Sherlock medical drama series “WATSON.”

The show centers on Dr. John Watson as he returns to practicing medicine following Sherlock Holmes’s demise at the hands of Moriarty.

Shifting the focus from Sherlock to Watson in a medical setting is a fresh and intriguing take. It allows for exploration of Watson’s medical expertise and keen observation skills, often overshadowed by Holmes’s deductions. The grieving process after losing Sherlock could add a layer of raw vulnerability, leading to complex character development.

Dailyalert’s Take

I’m a huge Morris Chestnut fan, and I believe his presence and Gravity make him the perfect choice for Dr. Watson. He wouldn’t just bring star power to the project, but also open doors for a more diverse cast and crew. The series itself promises a unique blend of genres, weaving medical cases with elements of mystery and deduction in a way that’s sure to captivate fans of both medical dramas and detective shows.

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