Dhruva Nakshatram release delayed: Gautham Menon speaks out

Dhruva Nakshatram release delayed: It was supposed to hit theaters on November 24th, but, well, it didn’t. Gautham Menon, the brain behind the movie, finally spilled the beans on when it’s really going to happen.

Dhruva Nakshatram release delayed: Gautham Menon speaks out
Gautham Menon and Vikram at Dhruva Nakshatra dubbing studio. credit indianexpress

Gautham Menon directs Vikram in Dhruvanaksatram, and it was all set to release on the big screen on November 24. But, hold your horses, it didn’t happen. Gautham Menon has now stepped up to tell us what went down.

Dhruva Nakshatram release delayed

Dhruvanaksathram, a 2017 gem by Gautham Menon, got folks all hyped up. They kept saying it would come out, but it got delayed because of some production mess, thanks to the pandemic.

Gautham Menon, not just the director but also the producer, and even an actor in some movies, spilled the beans. He even took the producer hat to get this film out there. November 24 was the date, he said. More info about Dhruva Nakshatram release delayed: Gautham Menon speaks out.

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November 23 came and went, but the movie ghosted the theaters. Gautham Menon, quiet till then, finally spoke up. He said it was like trying to move a mountain and failing. The whole team felt the letdown, but they’re not giving up. New release date in the works, he promised.

Fans, despite past letdowns, had Gautham Menon’s back on Twitter. Turns out, sponsors wanted their money before the movie hit the big screen. Gautham Menon spilled the tea in an interview, saying he’s trying to sort it out by selling the movie to an online platform, but no takers yet.

About Dhruva Nakshatra—it’s a spy thriller. Dhruv, played by Vikram, leads a secret spy crew saving the day from a bad guy played by Vinayak. Ritu Verma, Parthiban, Radhika Sarathkumar, and others join the ride. And the soundtrack? Courtesy of the musical genius Harris Jayaraj.

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