An American model moved to Spain: says she found the work culture a bit odd

An American model moved to Spain: Princess Keisha Omilana and her family said goodbye to their home in London in March 2022 and moved to the city of Valencia in Spain.

An American model moved to Spain: says she found the work culture a bit odd
Nigeria’s Princess Keisha. Fernando Catala

Keisha, who is not just a princess but also a model and entrepreneur, owns a cool magazine called SAXS Mag. It’s all about travel, fashion, and entertainment, and she started it in September. She’s married to Prince Kunle, the crown prince from Nigeria.

Princess Keisha and Prince Kunle at the Feed the Homeless Fundraiser at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in 2010. PATRICK MCMULLAN/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

An American model moved to Spain

They’ve lived in different cities like New York City, Dubai, and London, where they stayed for seven years. But now, they’ve landed in Valencia for work. More info about An American model moved to Spain: says she found the work culture a bit odd.

Keisha explained to Business Insider that their move was because of Brexit, which happened in 2020. Because of Brexit, people with European work permits, like Keisha and Kunle, had to either get new permits in the UK or move to Europe, where their permits would still be valid. They chose to move to Spain.

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Why Spain? Keisha has friends there, and Kunle loved it when he visited for work. “It’s been a great decision; I love it here in Spain. The weather is amazing,” Keisha happily shared.

One thing that stood out for Keisha is how Sundays in Spain are all about family time. Unlike in the US, where working hard and chasing success is the norm, in Spain, people value “living well” more than making money. It was a bit strange for Keisha at first, especially the relaxed work culture, but she finds it admirable. Local businesses even close for lunch, putting family time over sales.

“When we first came here, we were surprised, like, ‘Wow, this is very different.’ But you know what? It’s pretty cool to not only care about work and sales but also about eating and being with your family,” she said with a smile.

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