Free WiFi in Flights: know which airlines started it

Free WiFi in Flights: Flying can be a bit like a digital blackout, right? No phone, no internet—it’s like hitting pause. But hold on, things are changing. Vistara, part of Tata Group, is bringing WiFi to the skies. They’re the first in India to give passengers internet during flights!

Free WiFi in Flights: know which airlines started it
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Service available between Delhi and London

Right now, this fancy WiFi is on flights from Delhi to London. Picture this—Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner planes cruising with WiFi vibes. They’re planning to spread the WiFi love to Airbus 321 Neo soon. So, everyone onboard gets a taste of the digital sky for a bit.

Free WiFi in Flights

Vistara became the first Indian company

Vistara is making headlines for being the WiFi pioneer in India. Passengers can now use their gadgets—phones, tablets, laptops—while soaring through the clouds. Other big airlines have done this for a while on those super long flights. Vistara’s joining that cool club now.

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Will be able to use email and social media

Up there at 35 thousand feet, you’re not just staring out the window. Nope, you can dive into your emails, scroll through social media, and do all the online stuff. And Vistara’s not just launching this and leaving it—they want your thoughts to make it even better.

Very beneficial for employees and businessmen

Well, imagine being on a long flight and not knowing what’s happening in the world. Frustrating, right? Many airlines started some internet on flights for this reason. It’s a game-changer for people who need to get work done mid-air. Vistara’s bringing that game-changer vibe to the sky pros out there.

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