Amazon New Delivery Plan in India: Getting Your Packages with Electric vehicles!

Amazon New Delivery Plan in India: In the first step of this plan, the company introduced Mahindra Zor Grand electric three-wheelers, specially upgraded for Amazon’s last-mile deliveries.

Amazon New Delivery Plan in India: Getting Your Packages with Electric vehicles!
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Amazon, the big online store, just started a new delivery program in India. They’re using electric vehicles for all their deliveries. These vehicles are designed just for the short trips from the delivery center to your doorstep.

At the beginning of this program, they brought in Mahindra Zor Grand three-wheelers, each made better for the final stretch of delivering Amazon packages.

Amazon New Delivery Plan in India

This plan is meant to help more than 300 delivery partners make deliveries without any pollution from the vehicles, according to what the company said.

“In India, for the first time, Amazon is starting a delivery program with vehicles designed just for us. This makes it easy for our delivery partners to use safe, high-quality vehicles that don’t pollute the air for the last part of the delivery,” Amazon mentioned in a statement. More info about Amazon New Delivery Plan in India: Getting Your Packages with Electric vehicles!

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This special program in India gives delivery partners access to custom-made electric vehicles just for those short deliveries. They even take care of things like fixing the vehicles, charging them, and finding parking spots, the statement explained.

Amazon plans to bring a lot of their small delivery vans into this program over the next two years, and eventually, all of them will be part of it.

“With help from Mahindra Electric and other car makers, Amazon has already put more than 6,000 electric vehicles on the roads, delivering packages to over 400 cities in India. They’re on track to reach their goal of having 10,000 electric vehicles in India by 2025,” the statement added.

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The company thinks this program will help them achieve their worldwide goal of having no carbon emissions by the year 2040.

“This new program in India is starting just before the busy Diwali season, and more electric three- and four-wheelers will join the fleet over time,” the statement highlighted.

Amazon has already done similar programs in North America and Europe.

“By starting this program with all-electric vehicles in India, we’re helping our delivery partners reduce their carbon footprint with us. We’re happy that India is the first place we can do this,” said Abhinav Singh, Vice President of Operations at Amazon India.

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