Citroen, Jeep along with other carmakers, are helping customers affected by the Cyclone Michaung floods

Citroen, Jeep along with other carmakers: The big French car company Citroen and the American carmaker Jeep have teamed up with others in India to help people whose cars got affected by the floods from Cyclone Michaung in places like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. These companies, part of the Stellantis Group, are doing a bunch of things like offering roadside help and special deals for getting a new car if someone’s old one is totally wrecked.

Citroen, Jeep along with other carmakers, are helping customers affected by the Cyclone Michaung floods
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On December 8, Citroen and Jeep said they’re ready to assist folks hit by the cyclone that messed up a lot of cars in the last week. They put out a message saying, “After the flooding from Cyclone Michaung in Chennai, Jeep and Citroen are starting up car services to give around-the-clock support to people with flood-hit cars.” They’re now in the same boat as other companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai Motor, Tata Motors, and more, who are also helping out their customers after the floods.

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Citroen, Jeep along with other carmakers

Citroen and Jeep are doing things like offering 24/7 roadside help for their customers in case of emergencies. They’re also helping people who want to move their cars to safe places by towing them to the closest dealerships. If you own a Citroen or Jeep, you can also get a free 40-point check-up for your car if you make an appointment at the dealership.

In addition, they’re speeding up the process for car insurance claims. To get this help, you just need to bring important papers like your Driver’s License, Registration Certificate, and car insurance documents to the dealership. They promise to make the repairs quicker with their insurance partners and process claims faster. Citroen and Jeep are also making sure real car parts are available quickly to speed up the fixing process.

For those who lost their cars in the flood, Citroen and Jeep are giving them a chance to buy a new one with special deals. Citroen has models like C5 Aircross, C3 Aircross, C3, and eC3, while Jeep India sells SUVs like Compass, Meridian, Wrangler, and Grand Cherokee.

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