Watch Disney’s Animated Film “Wish” Online


Wish On Internet!

Having spent 48 days in theaters, now Disney’s latest animated feature, WISH,” is set to be released on digital platforms on January 23, 2024.

Wish Synopsis!

The film follows the story of Eliana, a young girl who discovers a magical wishing stone that can grant her deepest desires. However, she soon learns that wishes come with consequences, and she must use her courage and kindness to set things right.

Where To Watch Wish Online?

Obviously, Disney. This is the most likely destination for “WISH” eventually. However, Past Disney movies have typically landed on Disney Plus around 45-90 days after their theatrical release, but this timeframe isn’t guaranteed. Some recent releases have taken even longer.

Is There Any Trailer For The Wish?

Yes, there are…

Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Source: Disney Music Vevo

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