Vijay Antony’s new Pan India action thriller, Hitler, Just released teaser!

Vijay Antony’s new Pan India action thriller, Hitler: Vijay Antony, known for his great work in South Indian films, is about to release a new movie called Hitler.

Vijay Antony's new Pan India action thriller, Hitler
Vijay Antony’s new Pan India action thriller, Hitler (Image Credit TWITTER)

This movie, Hitler, is the seventh collaboration between Vijay Antony and Chendoor Film International, the same folks who brought us Vijay Raghavan. Producers DT Raja and DR Sanjay Kumar are steering the ship, making sure the story grabs your attention.

Vijay Antony’s new Pan India action thriller, Hitler

The Hitler teaser tells an exciting story with three main characters: a political leader who acts like a dictator, a killer being chased, and a strong police officer trying to stop a dangerous plan. The teaser shows these characters one by one. It’s about the police officer getting closer to catching the killer. Even though the police officer catches the killer, the teaser leaves us curious because the killer smiles mysteriously. Along with all the action, there’s also an important love story in the movie. Vijay Antony appears in a new style and role as the mysterious killer.

Some leaders act a bit like dictators, even though they say they’re all about democracy. Hitler is a movie about a regular person dealing with one of these ruler-types. It’s not just for one region—it’s coming out all over India in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada.

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  • Actors- Vijay Antony, Rhea Suman, Gautham Vasudev Menon and others
  • Technical Team –
  • Cinematography – Naneen Kumar.I
  • Music- Vivek, Mervyn
  • Art – c. Uday Kumar
  • Editing – Sangatamijan.E
  • Choreography – Brinda, Lilavati
  • Stunts – G. Murali
  • Costume- Anusha.G.
  • PRO-GSK Media
  • Producers – DT Raja, DR Sanjay Kumar
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