Top 5 Best Time Travel Movies Ranked!

If you also like watching time travel movies, then you can know from our article which are the Top 5 Best Time Travel Movies which you will enjoy watching.

Top 5 Best Time Travel Movies Ranked
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Here the List of Top 5 Best Time Travel Movies Ranked!

Time travel—a captivating notion that stirs the imagination. It’s a concept that bends the rules of our linear world, inviting us to ponder the incredible possibilities of journeying through moments, backward or forward. Despite its prevalence in science fiction, the reality of time travel remains an elusive dream, leaving us to explore its wonders through the lens of creative storytelling and speculation.

Interstellar (2014)

interstellar: two men in a ocean with crashed plane

First in the list of Top 5 Best Time Travel Movies is Interstellar is a big movie with a simple question: Would you save the world if it meant missing out on your kids’ lives? Matthew McConaughey’s character lands on a planet during a space trip. But there’s a catch: every hour there equals seven years on Earth. He faces a tough choice—should he stay for the mission or miss seeing his kids grow up? It’s not exactly about time travel, more about time passing differently (time dilation). But Matthew McConaughey’s performance makes you feel the tough decision he has to make.

Back to the Future (1985)/Back to the Future Part II (1989)

back to the future a boy with two little girls

The best choice hands down! The first two Back to the Future movies define time travel stories. They show clear rules about what can happen when time-traveling, and they explain it in a way that even kids can get. These films have awesome music, cool outfits, lots of famous lines, and, in the second movie, they predict some things about Donald Trump before they happened. Just perfect!

The Terminator (1984)/Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

the terminator arnold with the gun

The first two Terminator movies grabbed our attention with killer robots causing chaos. Yet, what made them special was their clever use of time-travel. While we catch glimpses of the future, the focus remains on the present. The crucial part is that Kyle Reese, a guy from the future, must have a relationship with Sarah Connor, a woman from the present, as it’s the key to saving humanity. It might sound like an unusual pickup line, but this plot twist turns what could have been a typical B-movie into something timeless and iconic.

Looper (2012)

looper to men with a gun

In lots of time-travel movies, they have to explain all the rules at the start, which can sometimes feel awkward. But in Looper, directed by Rian Johnson, they did it differently. They showed us how time travel works instead of just telling us. There’s this really cool part where a guy, played by Paul Dano, gets hurt in two different times at the same time. The older version follows instructions written on the younger version’s arm. It’s one of the most creative things in time-travel movies. Plus, Bruce Willis does an awesome job in this movie, making it one of his best performances.

Primer (2004)

primer two men look in the mirror

Shane Carruth’s Primer is considered by some as the ultimate time-travel movie. It feels remarkably realistic, portraying engineers dealing with everyday life and time travel portrayed as a simple process—just entering and exiting boxes. The film doesn’t explain much, leaving fans to use graphs and charts for years to decipher its secrets.

Idiocracy (2006)


The cleverest time-travel movies act as a reflection of our present rather than the past or future they depict. Take Idiocracy, Mike Judge’s sharp satire on our current era. A regular person is frozen and wakes up in a future world where intelligence has drastically declined. Amid widespread foolishness, he saves the US by suggesting they use water, not a sports drink, for agriculture. It’s a funny take, but it hits close to reality. We might be closer than we think to something like this happening.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

bill and teds excellent adventure

In the list of Top 5 Best Time Travel Movies, we have Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure might seem like it was written by a hyperactive child. But that’s on purpose—it masks the detailed structure supporting the story. The main characters aren’t eager for time travel until they meet future versions of themselves, pushing them into it—a funny example of predestination. The movie gets bonus points for not caring about consequences. Taking historical figures like Lincoln and Napoleon doesn’t affect history, which is probably a stroke of luck.

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