The Crown, Did Kate Middleton actually meet Princess Diana?

The Crown, Did Kate Middleton: In the last season of The Crown, there’s a cool episode called Alma Mater. It’s set in 1996 and has a made-up scene where Princess Diana meets a young Kate Middleton. Imagine Kate and her mom, Carole, shopping in London. They spot Diana and Prince William on the street, handing out magazines about drugs.

The Crown, Did Kate Middleton actually meet Princess Diana?
The Crown, Did Kate Middleton (Image Credit graziadaily)

Kate and Carole decide to cross the street and donate money for charity. When Kate gives money to Diana, there’s a sweet moment. Diana thanks Kate and asks William to do the same. This cute scene hints at the future romance between Kate and William.

The Crown, Did Kate Middleton

But here’s the thing—this whole meeting is made up! In real life, Kate Middleton never met Princess Diana. Kate said so herself in a video earlier this year, mentioning, I never met her, sadly. So, this part of The Crown isn’t real. It’s just for the show to tell a good story and make Kate and William’s romance more interesting.

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The Crown, Did Kate Middleton (Image Credit Netflix)

Even though it didn’t happen in real life, this made-up scene adds a nice touch to the show’s storytelling. It’s like a creative twist that makes The Crown more fun to watch, even if it’s not exactly what really went down in history.

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