The Boy and the Heron Philippines Release Date Revealed

The Boy and The Heron Philippines Release Date!

The wait is over for Filipino Ghibli fans! Hayao Miyazaki’s The Boy and The Heron is set hit Philippine cinemas in both, its original Japanese version and an English dub.

The Boy and the Heron, a presentation by Encore Films Philippines and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, is set to premiere in Philippine cinemas on January 8th.

There will be a Fan Screening Event for “The Boy and the Heron” on January 6 (Saturday) at 7:00 PM at SM Megamall cinema 2. Secure your premium ticket package (P1,200) featuring a special set of desk calendar, collectible ticket, and a mini-poster.

What The Boy and The Heron Is About?

The Boy and the Heron,” based on the 1937 novel “How Do You Live?,” transports us to a post-war Japan, where a young boy named Mahito stumbles upon a mystical world. Guided by a talking heron, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery, grappling with grief and learning life’s precious lessons.

Where To Watch The Boy and The Heron Online?

As of January 2024, “The Boy and the Heron” is still unavailable for online streaming anywhere. It had a limited theatrical release in December 2023, and while it’s likely to eventually make its way to streaming platforms, there’s no official confirmation yet on when or where that might happen.

Fact: Studio Ghibli films typically have a long wait between theatrical release and streaming availability. For example, “Spirited Away” took about two years to hit streaming services after its theatrical run.

But, we don’t have to wait that long.

Is There Any Trailer For The Boy and The Heron?

Yes, there are so many trailers and promos are available to watch for The Boy and The Heron.

Source: GKIDS
Source: GKIDS
Source: GKIDS

What Is The English Cast Of The Boy and The Heron?

English Cast of The Boy and The Heron starts with Robert Pattinson who gave voice to the young protagonist Mahito, navigating a magical journey alongside Florence Pugh’s enigmatic Yuki. Academy Award winner Christian Bale brings depth to Mahito’s father, while Gemma Chan adds grace as his stepmother. Willem Dafoe voiced the mysterious Kansatsu-nin, while Dave Bautista brings gruff guidance as Kuné the fisherman. Familiar voices like Karen Fukuhara and Mark Hamill add further charm to the cast, with the legendary Mark Hamill offering cryptic wisdom as the Old Man.

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