Tara Sutaria reveals relationship status Amid Kartik Aaryan!

Let’s dive into Tara Sutaria’s love life! She used to date Adar Jain, who’s part of the famous Kapoor family. But now, she’s telling the world she’s flying solo. This news came out after she was seen leaving a restaurant with Kartik Aaryan, sparking lots of rumors and curiosity.

Tara Sutaria reveals relationship status Amid Kartik Aaryan
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In a chat with News18, Tara answered the big question: Is she in a relationship? Nope, she said. She’s too busy promoting her upcoming movie, Apurva, to worry about all the gossip. Tara shared that her parents are super cool about it all. They wake her up with the latest rumors and have a good laugh together over tea. Imagine the fun they’ve had, especially since this started even before her first movie came out!

Tara Sutaria reveals relationship status

There’s also some buzz about Tara and Abhimanyu Dassani. A video of them leaving a party together got people talking. In the clip, Abhimanyu gives Tara a sweet kiss on the cheek before facing the cameras.

Tara finds it all pretty amusing, saying, “I wish I had such exciting relationships in real life, but it’s just not true. It’s like every week there’s a new rumor, and it’s too good to be true.”

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Her co-star Abhishek Banerjee added a funny note, saying, “If you want the latest scoop on Tara’s love life, just check the morning newspapers. There’s always something new!”

Looking back, Tara was once in a relationship with Adar Jain, Kareena Kapoor’s cousin. She made it official on Adar’s birthday in 2020, sharing a sweet post on Instagram. She called him her “favorite person” and expressed her love with a heartfelt message.

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