Song on millets featuring PM: Narendra Modi got nominated for Grammy Award!

Song on millets featuring PM: In the delightful song called ‘Harvest Harmony,’ the talented Indian-American Grammy winner Falu (Falguni Shah) and her musical partner, Gaurav Shah, shared their beautiful creation with the world in June. It’s a special song that celebrates the goodness of a grain called sorghum.

Song on millets featuring PM: Narendra Modi got nominated for Grammy Award!
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This song has been nominated for a Grammy Award! It’s not just any song; it talks about how healthy sorghum is and how the government is working hard to tell everyone about its goodness.

The song, ‘Harvest Harmony,’ was a cool idea that came up when Falu met Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year in Delhi. After winning her Grammy, she had a chat with the Prime Minister about the power of music to make a positive change. During their talk, he suggested they make a song together to spread a message about ending hunger.

Song on millets featuring PM


Falu had a bit of a funny moment when she asked the Prime Minister if he could write a song about sorghum. Imagine that!

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This song is like a shout-out to the International Year of Sorghum, a special recognition by the United Nations. It’s like the whole world agreeing to celebrate how awesome sorghum is.

The Modi government really likes sorghum. They say it’s not just tasty but also super healthy and can help fight poverty. And get this, sorghum was even part of the menu when PM Modi had dinner in the United States.

So, it’s not just a song; it’s a celebration of a grain that’s not just good for you but also getting famous around the world!

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