Santosham awards: Don’t blame the whole industry for one person’s actions. The producer is serious about the Santosham awards controversy

Santosham awards: Recently, the journalist Suresh Kondeti has been making waves in the world of movie promotions. He gained fame on social media for asking celebrities interesting questions. He’s been running the Santosham Awards for a while now, and this time, he decided to spice things up by hosting it in the beautiful Goa.

Santosham awards: Don't blame the whole industry for one person's actions. The producer is serious about the Santosham awards controversy
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Many celebrities from the South joined in for this special event, but unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and it left a bad mark on Tollywood’s reputation.

Santosham awards

Issues for Kannada Celebrities

The celebrities from Kannada had a tough time at the event. They criticized the Santosham awards and blamed Tollywood for some disrespectful incidents. They talked about the lights going off suddenly while giving awards, problems with the hotel staff, and even the anchor leaving in the middle of the ceremony. They felt insulted due to the lack of proper arrangements. Producer Allu Aravind recently shared his thoughts on the controversy.

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One Person’s Mistake

“A journalist has been organizing award functions for a long time. This time, he wanted to do it in Goa, but things didn’t work out. Those who attended faced difficulties. People from different languages were there too. Blaming the entire Telugu film industry for one person’s mistake isn’t fair. Also, the media called him our family’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), but he’s not really affiliated with us. He tried to do something on his own and it didn’t work out. That’s it,” he explained.

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