Indian producer Rohan Gupta is making waves at the global film and TV market!

Rohan Gupta is making waves at the global film: Diversity on Demand is a thoughtful look at how Indian characters are sometimes shown in funny or exaggerated ways in Hollywood.

Indian producer Rohan Gupta is making waves at the global film and TV market!
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Meet Rohan Gupta, a filmmaker from New Delhi, making waves with his funny short film, ‘Diversity on Demand!’. The film talks about the funny ways Hollywood often portrays Indian stereotypes. Its success highlights how movies and TV shows are becoming more global.

Rohan Gupta is making waves at the global film

Since its debut, ‘Diversity on Demand!’ has won awards in the US, UK, and Russia. It got titles like Best Asian Comedy Short and Best International Micro Short. It also made it to the finals for Best Comedy Micro Short in the Houston Comedy Film Festival and won the Best Micro Short at the Phoenix International Monthly Short Film Awards.

Recently, the film got noticed at the GELOS Comedy Film Festival, Independent Shorts Awards, and the Denver Monthly Film Awards. Rohan Gupta says, “It’s an honor to get recognized for this short film. We made it because we wanted to talk about the diversity issue in Hollywood.”

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Rohan has worked on big projects with famous companies like Boardwalk Pictures, FX Networks, Disney, Hulu, and Asia’s Next Top Model. He’s collaborated with stars like Emmy-winner Sheila Sitomer.

One of his cool projects is “Frontline Fashion Season 4,” a series about sustainable fashion. It won a big award at the Asian Academy Creative Awards, known as Asia’s version of the International Emmy Awards.

This year, Rohan played a big role in the second season of “Welcome to Wrexham,” a popular TV series with stars like Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds. The show got two Critics Choice Documentary nominations and great reviews from big publications like The Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone.

He’s also talking about turning his award-winning script into a TV pilot. The script got noticed at top script competitions like the Austin Film Festival, Golden Script Competition, and the Los Angeles Screenplay Awards.

Rohan Gupta’s story shows that young Indians can make it big in Hollywood. His success is part of a growing trend of movies and TV shows becoming more global. Hopefully, we’ll hear more success stories like his from Indians around the world.

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