Ravi Teja’s movie Mr. Bachchan is officially based on a Hindi film. It’s confirmed!

Ravi Teja’s movie Mr. Bachchan: Fans of Ravi Teja are buzzing with excitement as news keeps pouring in about the actor’s upcoming movie with Harish Shankar. Today, the movie team officially announced that the film is titled Mr. Bachchan. There were rumors floating around that this Ravi Teja film is a remake of Ajay Devgn’s popular movie Raid.

Ravi Teja's movie Mr. Bachchan is officially based on a Hindi film. It's confirmed!
Ravi Teja’s movie Mr. Bachchan (Pic: Ravi/X)

Those rumors are true! Ravi Teja himself confirmed it. Ajay Devgn, being a sport, sent his best wishes to the movie team. Ravi Teja responded by saying, “Thanks for the good wishes, Ajay Devgn. We’re all set for an exciting journey.” “Raid” is based on a real income-tax raid on Indian industrialist Sardar Inder Singh, lasting a whopping three days—the longest raid in Indian history.

Ravi Teja’s movie Mr. Bachchan

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Harish Shankar is known for handling remakes well. Remember Salman Khan’s Dabangg? Harish Shankar worked his magic with Gabbar Singh. Even with changes, he kept the essence intact.

Ravi Teja’s fans are hopeful that Harish Shankar will work his magic again with this remake. Bhagyashri Borse, known for “Yaariyan 2,” is the female lead, and People Media Factory will be producing the movie.

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