Paul Giamatti Wants To Play a James Bond Villain

Paul Giamatti On Being James Villain!

In the recent interview with GQ Magazine, The Holdovers Actor Paul Giamatti Says he Wants to play a villain in an upcoming James Bond Film.

Here you can check out the full interview of Paul Giamatti with GQ:

Paul Said: “I’d definitely want an accent … and It would be nice to have an animal with me”

Source: GQ

Yes, Giamatti’s expressed his own desires for the role, mentioning wanting an accent and even an animal companion. This indicate that he’s open to creating a truly unique and memorable villain, more than a generic cutout from cardboard.

Of course, with no official word on the next Bond film or its casting, it’s still all uncertain.

Back in August at the Telluride Film Festival Paul Giamatti’s Released “The Holdovers” is nominated for various awards like, Golden Globe and Discussing Films Awards. The Holdovers has also received many positive reviews from critics, and all are praising for its heartwarming story, witty dialogue, and strong performances. Giamatti’s portrayal of Hunham has been particularly Applauded, with many calling it one of his best performances to date.

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