Patrick Stewart Shot His Multiverse Of Madness Scene Alone, Which He Felt ‘Frustrating and Disappointing’

Patrick Stewart On Being Alone During ‘Multiverse Of Madness’ Shoot!

In a recent interview with Josh Horowitz, veteran actor Patrick Stewart revealed a bittersweet detail about his scene-stealing cameo in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness“: he filmed it entirely alone. While fans erupted over Professor X’s surprise return, Stewart’s experience shooting the sequence was, in his own words, “frustrating and disappointing.”

“That’s how it’s been,” Stewart explained, his voice tinged with a touch of melancholy. “The last few years have been challenging.” He elaborated on the isolating nature of filming during the pandemic, where actors, stripped of the collaborative energy of their fellow performers, were left to deliver their lines to empty air or tennis balls with hastily scribbled names.

This method, unfortunately, fell short for Stewart, an actor who thrives on the interplay, the spark that ignites between performers in a shared scene. “I missed the dance,he confessed. “The give and take, the spontaneous adjustments that happen when you’re reacting to another human being in real-time. It’s what makes acting, for me, such a thrilling art form.”

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Source: Josh Horowitz

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