Only 30 tickets sold, Shahrukh Khan informed, no war with ‘Salar’;

Only 30 tickets sold, Shahrukh Khan informed: Excitement is brewing for the release of a Christmas film set to hit theaters on December 22.

Only 30 tickets sold, Shahrukh Khan informed, no war with 'Salar';
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In the world of Indian language films, there’s a growing trend of aiming for nationwide releases. Thanks to the success of movies like Baahubali, Pushpa, and KGF among North Indian audiences, people are more open to watching films in languages they might not understand, using subtitles on streaming platforms.

Only 30 tickets sold, Shahrukh Khan informed

This has boosted the potential earnings for big-budget superstar films. Interestingly, two of Shahrukh Khan’s movies have joined the exclusive 1000 crore club this year. Now, let’s delve into the latest scoop about Shahrukh Khan’s new film, Dunki.

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Originally planned for a Christmas release on December 22, Dunki faced competition as another highly anticipated film, Salaar, was also slated for release on the same day. Salaar, produced by the director of the popular KGF series and starring Prabhas, created quite a buzz. Initially, it was thought that Dunki would debut in India on the 22nd and in the US a day earlier on the 21st.

However, the recently released trailer changed that. The film will now have a global release on December 21, giving Shahrukh Khan’s film a day in the spotlight before Salaar hits the screens. Recognizing the importance of a strong start, Dunki’s creators have made a strategic move.

Earlier reports on Dunki’s advance bookings in the US revealed a modest beginning. According to The Times of India, the film initially sold only 30 tickets for 351 shows across 125 screens in the US. Despite this, the creators are optimistic, hoping for an increase in bookings in the coming days.

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