Nani and Nithin Set for a Clash!

Nani and Nithin Set for a Clash!

Nani and Nithin Set for a Clash! Get ready for an epic showdown as Nani’s “Hi Nanna” goes head-to-head with Nithin’s “Extra Ordinary Man” this December. Nani’s film is all about love, tugging at your heartstrings, while Nithin’s promises a rollercoaster of commercial entertainment.

Nani and Nithin Set for a Clash!

It is widely known that four medium-budget films were all set to battle it out on the big screen during the second weekend of December. “Hi Nanna” was scheduled for December 7, and “Extra Ordinary Man” was hot on its heels, hitting theaters on December 8.

Originally, Varun Tej’s “Operation Valentine” and Vishwak Sen’s “Gangs of Godavari” were in the mix too. But guess what? Vishwak Sen stepped back first, followed by Varun Tej making a strategic exit.

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Now, it’s down to just Nani and Nithin’s films for the December 2nd weekend release. The clash sent ripples through the film industry, prompting other movies to gracefully step aside from the intense competition.

In the midst of all this drama, Varun Tej’s “Operation Valentine” faced a bit of a hiccup. No takers from distributors meant they had to hit the pause button. Smart move, considering the movie needs a bit more buzz before it takes center stage. The creators are now working their magic to build up excitement and pick the perfect solo release date.

So now only Nithin and Nani’s films are clashing, and we need to see which movie will win.

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