Marvel Studios Is Reportedly Developing ‘Children Of The Vault’ Project

According to the Daniel RPK, Marvel Studios is reportedly wants to make a Project on “The Children of the Vault”.

Children of the Vault Is In Development

Children of the Vault is the name of a recently announced project by Marvel Studios, shrouded in secrecy but generating a lot of buzz. While details are scarce, based on the source material (the X-Men comics), it’s safe to say this won’t be your typical superhero showdown.

Note: However this is not officially confirmed by Marvel Studios it’s self!

Who Are The Children Of The Vault?

They’re not aliens or mutants, but rather a group of evolved humans created through temporal acceleration technology within a hidden vault. This process warped their DNA, making them a separate species altogether.

Their motive is very clear, Where unlike most villains seeking world domination, the Children’s goal is far more chilling – the complete eradication of both humans and mutants. They view themselves as the next step in human evolution and see the current dominant species as obstacles

What to Expect?

As of now there are many things we can expect from “Children of the Vault” but, still it’s all up-to Marvel Studios that how they gonna portray this complex story line. In the note of source material and in terms of expectance from our point of view so, here are the three things we can expect from this project : 1. A Thrilling Espionage Story, 2. Mind-Bending Technology, and 3. A Battle for the Soul of Existence.

Why It Matters?

This is very generic and obvious question that why it matters or what makes this storyline important in the established Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). So, firstly after Jonathan Majors Arrest and Marvel’s convoluted concept of multiverse makes it more obvious that marvel is really need to go with something different, and in the past weeks there are several rumors are spreading that Marvel’s next phase is going to focus on X-Men Not Avengers. So, probably in our opinion this is the main reason why marvel is shifting to mutants and developing projects like, Children of the Vault.

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