Jigarthanda Double X is hitting the OTD!

Jigarthanda Double X is hitting the OTD: Under the direction of Karthik Subbaraj, Jigarthanda Double X hit the big screen on November 10, bringing festive vibes for Diwali.

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The movie stars Raghava Lawrence, S.J. Suriya, Illasaru, Nimisha Sajayan, Sanjana Natarajan, and more talented actors who brought the story to life.

Jigarthanda Double X is hitting the OTD!

Jigarthanda Double X is about a gangster named Caesar (played by Raghava Lawrence) who dreams of becoming an actor. There’s also Krupa (played by SJ Surya), who pretends to be a director.

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Even though critics had mixed opinions, the movie did really well on its first day at the box office, especially considering it didn’t do great in Japan.

It’s estimated that the movie may have made around Rs.70 crore globally.

Jigarthanda Double X is now available on Netflix in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi. Time to grab some popcorn!

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