Japan Review 2023: Karthi and Raju Murugan’s movie didn’t hit the mark!

Japan Review 2023: Director Raju Murugan brings us Japan, a movie packed with action and theft, starring Karthi, Sunil, and Jithan Ramesh. Unfortunately, our review says it lacks finesse.

Japan Review 2023: Karthi and Raju Murugan's movie didn't hit the mark!
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In Short

  • The film is directed by Raju Murugan.
  • Japan released in theatres on November 10.
  • Japan features Karthi, Sunil and Anu Emmanuel in lead roles.

Japan Review 2023

Karthi’s 25th film, Japan, has him as a notorious thief named Japan Muni, hiding with his team. At the same time, a massive jewelry store robbery of Rs 200 crores happens. The police think Japan did it, but he denies it. So, who’s the real thief? Why are the police after Japan with almost 95 cases against him? Will Japan uncover the true culprit?

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Known for social commentary in films like Cuckoo, Joker, and Mehandi Circus, Raju Murugan steps into commercial storytelling with ‘Japan.’ Sadly, it’s a misfire apparent within the first five minutes.

Karthi’s entry scene feels out of place with cheesy graphics. ‘Japan’s’ story is so familiar it doesn’t grab your attention. There’s a lack of creativity, making it hard to follow. Many new characters show up, but they don’t make an impact due to a weak script. More info about Japan Review 2023: Karthi and Raju Murugan’s movie didn’t hit the mark!

Here’s the trailer:


The only positive is some of Raju Murugan’s dialogues. Karthi’s portrayal of Japan Muni, the quirky thief, becomes irritating, and a scene about him having HIV+ adds no value.

Sunil, Vijay Milton, and Jithan Ramesh’s characters lack depth, feeling like we’ve seen them before. Dark humor works in some places, but it’s short-lived. Jithan Ramesh’s character changes drastically without a backstory, and his expressions are overdone.

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Neither the performances nor the script stand out. Japan feels like it needs more work. Pop culture references forced into the story don’t fit well. Even GV Prakash’s music doesn’t make much impact.

‘Japan’ is a completely underwhelming watch and does not add any value to Karthi’s filmography.

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