Ishaan Khatter spills the beans on his unique relationship with Shahid Kapoor

Ishaan Khatter spills the beans on his unique: Bollywood actors Ishaan Khatterand Shahid Kapoor often give major ‘sibling goals’ on social media. From taking trips together to making fun reels, the duo shares a great bond. Ishaan, who is currently promoting his upcoming film Pippa, has opened up about how his bond with Shahid is not ‘typical’ and added that he is like a father figure in his life.

Ishaan Khatter spills the beans on his unique relationship with Shahid Kapoor

During an interview with Etimes, Ishaan explained that conflicts are a part of any relationship, especially among siblings. He highlighted the unusual aspect of their bond, with a significant age difference of 15 years. According to Ishaan, sibling camaraderie and banter are usually more prominent when the age gap is smaller.

Ishaan Khatter spills the beans on his unique

Ishaan Khatter emphasized that Shahid Kapoor has been a constant source of support, taking on a role similar to that of a father figure. While maintaining a respectful boundary, Ishaan mentioned the shift towards a more friendly dynamic as he entered adulthood. He praised Shahid as one of the significant male influences in his life, acknowledging his internal qualities.

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In a previous interview with Pinkvilla, Ishaan affectionately referred to Shahid as ‘Baba Sasha.’ He shared that Shahid has played a consistent and caring role in his life, almost like a guardian. This relationship, Ishaan explained, might be influenced by the fact that Shahid was there from his early years, even taking care of him as a baby. With a substantial age difference and no elder sibling, Shahid naturally assumed the role of a sibling for Ishaan.

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